Weird Old Ladies

Do you know those grannies in your neighbourhood that just seem to stick around year after year, like they are immune to dying? On top of my head I can think of two ladies living in Willow Creek, Umbrage Manor. I wanted to ask them the secret behind their old age, but didn’t expect to find out this.


Janna (brown hat) and Janni (blue hat) Lorula were twins. They had lived together all their life and raised a few kids on the side: Jarmo, Jarno and Simeon.

Born in the poor neighbourhoods they had climbed up the socio economic ladder by dating the right guy. Yes they both dated the same one and it led to trouble – one of them being that the guy called Napoleon was now dead.


They had managed to keep the mansion in their hands even though some relatives tried to cause trouble saying they should move out. They convinced them that one of the sons, Simeon, was a lawful heir.


They liked getting to know their gardeners better and soon enough Vance Pollock had become Janni’s new boyfriend. Vance even approved their frog collection that was located in their shared bedroom.

No more dating same guys, although Janna had actually seen Vance first… but it was a promise they had made to each other.


Janna had dedicated her life for creating art and digging up collectibles whereas Janni worked her way up in the musician career. However the bills for the mansion were huge and the ladies ended up selling some of the valuable furniture over the years.

Janni and Janna baked together. They played chess together. Sometimes they fought together. When Janna joined a choir Janni soon wanted to follow.


The choir group was really nice and they occasionally gathered in other places than the usual cathedral. The leader of the group was a famous singer-songwriter Lala Lee.


That night they were dining at The Garlic Sanctuary when Janna decided she needed a bit of fresh air.


She stopped shortly to look at the statue located at the center of the village.


But like a moth drawn towards the light she felt the urge to follow the meander path leading away from the center square.


There were some tombstones and memorials shattered on sides of the road.

Janna: Six feet under, that’s where I’m gonna end up too… My back is already hurting.


The path led up to an old castle. Janna felt tired from walking so she decided to check if she could pop by.


The door opened, but at first it seemed that no one was home. Janna was the kind of sim who could walk into the homes of others and feel instantly welcome.


After a while of searching Janna heard beautiful music coming from the cellar…


And there she found Vladislaus Straud playing his pipe organ.

They chatted for a while and Janna couldn’t help, but to hug him because the guy just looked like someone who needed a hug. He felt kind of skinny.


Janna thought Vlad could definitely use a proper meal. Judging by the cobwebs it was clear that he didn’t use the kitchen much. She decided to prepare a delicious omelette.

Janna: You are sure gonna love this, Vlad!


Janna ate the whole omelette with good appetite, but Vlad only took one piece of his. Perhaps to not appear impolite.


When Janna went for a nap, Vlad hurried to the bathroom.


Vlad: Cursed mortals and their omelets! Next time I’ll follow the vampire diet strictly.


The following evening Vlad showed up behind their door.


They were engaged in a serious game of chess when Napoleon floated by.


Vlad: Are you familiar with this ghost?

Janna: Yes, he is the father of my sister’s son.

Vlad: Well, he can keep you company then. It’s almost morning and I must go.


Napoleon: That vamp has nothing that I don’t have…

Janna: Vamp who?

Life went on as usual. Creating paintings, breeding frogs and playing the piano. Not to forget watching the gardeners. The twins didn’t want to see any weeds grow in a garden so close to their house.


Although sometimes it seemed like the gardeners were watching them.


Vance spent so much time woohooing with Janni that the sim city had to send another gardener to cover up. Both Janna and Janni agreed that she didn’t do as good job as Vance. Janna couldn’t stop wondering what Napoleon had said…


Janna: Hi Vlad, I kind of heard a thing that you might be a vampire? Can that be true?

Vlad: Follow me, it’s a long story…


They lied on the grass behind the castle while Vlad told Janna about the centuries he had spent being immortal. All the sims he had turned and how most of them had moved out of the village eventually. To Janna Vlad sounded a bit lonely.


Janna: So… can you make me a vampire too?

Vlad: Sure, why not. It will take me just ten minutes.

Janna instantly regretted her decision. She had forgotten that vampires feed on other sims. Actually she didn’t know anything about vampires.


Vlad: You wanted to be a vampire and now you don’t like the taste of plasma? Dont worry, you’ll get used to it.

Janna: I don’t want to!

Vlad: Why didn’t you do your research first? Get out of my sight.


Janna ran back home and decided not to speak a word to anyone.

Neither Janni nor Napoleon knew nothing of the painful transgression she was going through or at least she thought so.


One night Janna caught Napoleon watching Simder alone in the living room.


Napoleon: Have you ever thought this could be us? This ghost and his sweet lady?

Janna: You are seriously delusional. D-E-L-U-S-I-O-N-A-L.

Janna: First you woo my sister, then me and then again my sister to make a baby. Now you think you can have me back? Life isn’t a movie, you can’t switch back and forth.


Napoleon: What if I have made up my mind now? I know what you’re going through. Will you watch another movie with me?

Janna: Just one.

Janna didn’t want to fall for the old tricks, but could Napoleon really know how she felt? He was dead after all. Her stomach was hurting again, but when Janni joined them Napoleon left without a word. I guess he just wasn’t man enough.


Janni: I smell evil in this house. Evil! It’s getting stronger.

Janna: That’s just your cereal marshmallow square, sister.


Janni pondered that Janna was probably right. She tried to take a few deep breaths.


She tried yelling to the new gardener. (Why wasn’t Vance working when she needed him?)


She tried listening to calming music.


But no matter what she did Janni could not shake away the feeling that something bad was happening behind her back.


She might be insane, but this time she was right. Janna’s time had come.


Janna managed to keep her new life state as a secret. Janni felt that something evil had happened, but didn’t notice anything, except that Janna’s hair had turned grey. Was that evil enough? The sisters decided to visit the Space Bar to have some drinks and relax.


Janni returned home soon, but Janna stayed playing some Don’t wake the llama.


One more Plasma Jane and you’ll end up flirting with the Grim Reaper. Is that a saying?

Vlad happened to be there though and Janna used the moment to vent of her feelings.

Janna: No matter what comes, you will never see me drink plasma from a sim.


Although Janna stayed late she didn’t feel tired at all so she agreed meet her son’s family in the park where she was invited to. Her sweet granddaughter Usva had asked and how could she have said no?


The sun felt burning on Janna’s skin so she hurried to the restrooms.


There she chatted with her son’s wife and the less popular gardener who apparently looked after the plants in the park too. When Unelma left Janna was left alone with the gardener. No one would ever have to know…

Janna compelled for a deep drink and stopped just in time when little Usva walked in!


How much did she see? Janna tried to kick the gardener gently, but she didn’t move.


She brushed her teeth super quick so there would be no signs of plasma. She couldn’t believe what she had just done.


Janna: Are you having fun at the park today?

Usva: Yes granny, but… oh mum!

Unelma: What’s wrong Usva?

Usva: The gardening lady was lying on the floor…

Unelma: She seems okay now, nothing to worry.


The Luotto family went back playing, but Janna didn’t feel like staying any longer. She said the sun was too bright for her and headed back home.


There she locked up into Simeon’s room and studied about vampires as much as she could. She learned that there were indeed other ways to satisfy thirst than sipping from sims. She could even use their frog farm to make some plasma.

Janna walked to the patio where Janni was rehearsing.


Janna: There’s something I need to tell you or rather show…

Janna closed her eyes to concentrate. Soon enough she was sitting in the air with a purple light glowing from her chest.


Janni: The evil is inside you!

Janna: Yes and no, I’m a vampire.

At first Janni was furious. She was the one people called insane and then Janna would go and do a thing like this, without even telling her.

Janni: On the other hand… can you fly around as a bat?

Janna: I haven’t tried but I think so.

Next Janni pleaded if she could become a vampire too. Janna had no idea how to turn someone, so they traveled to the Forgotten Hollow the same night. When Janni wanted something she was unstoppable.


Janna: I brought my sister here to meet you.

Janni: Hi master vampire!

Vlad: What do you want?


Janni used her best charming skills to persuade Vlad. They seemed to work well since soon enough Vlad was onto it. Janna was weirdly excited that her sister would become a vampire too.

Janni: This tastes a bit like the brownies we used to make, yummy!

Vlad: You’re gonna be an excellent vampire. You have a brilliant taste.


Now all they had to do was wait for a few days and then both of them would remain the same age for the rest of their lives. I’m not sure if this secret to a long life could be applied to a bigger selection of weird old ladies, but at least for these two it explains a lot of things.


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