MSSSC: Conservationist

This is my second time entering Monthly SimLit Story Challenge by lisabeesims. Theme of the month is "The April Fool". At the beginning of May you can read all the stories and vote for your favourites, so please check back!


Every once in a while the Roof Dancers Club gathered at the rooftop of 8 Bells. It was rumoured that among them were two of the StrangerVille heroes Pippa and Mara. You couldn’t recognize any of them though as they always wore masks.

Mirela knew she had to get in touch with them.

Mirela was working in politics and also an avid plant conservationist. She had moved to Strangerville because it was said to be a pleasant environment with lots of sun. Occasionally turning into a plant sim was part of her lifestyle.

Mirela ‘s new home was an old construction site that now mostly served as a rubbish dump. Maybe over time she could make it look nice.

The first thing she noticed after moving in was a strange glowing tree growing next to her container. Mirela couldn’t resist the temptation. She tasted a fruit and it was an exiting mix of sweet and bitterness with a weird hint of a strawberry.

During the following weeks she sometimes blanked out completely, but felt really great afterwards. Could it be the blessing of Mother?

Mirela needed to know more. She found her way to the secret lab, but there was a door she couldn’t open.

That’s where the heroes came into the picture. One evening Mirela happened to catch one of them in front of 8 Bells and invited herself to join them on the roof.

Rooster hero: It’s so nice now that’s everything is back to normal.

Mirela: Actually, I may have been infected through a fruit and I need to check if there are any vaccines left in the secret lab. Do you know how to get in?

Llama hero: Oh, poor you. We can give you the key if you promise to be careful down there. Don’t wake the mother.

Mirela: Wake? I thought she was dead.

Rooster hero: Technically not, but you don’t need to know more about it if you’re just checking the vaccines.

Mirela: Thank you so much!

That night Mirela returned to the secret lab. She could feel the tension grow when she used the key card and the light turned green. Door after door and stairs after stairs she entered deeper into the lab.

Mirela found no vaccines, but didn’t seem disappointed. She had became curious about Mother. People always wanted to destroy what they couldn’t understand.

One door felt different to Mirela, like someone was waiting behind it. Carefully she peaked in. She could hardly hold her excitement at the sight she encountered.

If only there was a way to make this poor plant feel better. Mirela looked around, but there were no liquids. She then reached for her gardigan and pulled out a pocket knife. She cut her fingertip and let a drop of blood fall on Mother.

Slowly Mother started to rise from the pit and stretched her tendlrils like after a long sleep. The purple and pink colours became more vibrant again as if she had received her favourite elixir.

Mirela: ₥Ø₮ⱧɆⱤ ł₴ ₳₩₳₭Ɇ!

Mirela’s memories from the rest of the visit were somewhat hazy.

Later on she was pleased to see Mother’s spores taking over StrangerVille. She hoped that this time sims would learn to co-exist instead of wanting to destroy the newly spawned plants.

Back at Evergreen Harbour Pippa read the shocking news on their computer.

Pippa: Mother is back! That woman asking about the vaccines must have somehow revived her.

Mara: So that’s why she hasn’t returned to any of my phone calls.

Pippa: We shouldn’t have given her that key card.

Mara: All the trouble we went through saving StrangerVille…

Pippa: I feel like a fool now!

Mara: Looking on the bright side, I never really wanted to be a hero and now I don’t have to.

Pippa was quiet, but thought she would miss their gatherings at 8 Bells. StrangerVille was back to being strange again and old heroes would no longer be welcome there.


    • She will! I just love when characters fall in a position that fits them perfectly. When she moved to StrangerVille I had no plans yet that she would wake up the mother.


  1. I don’t know if she’s the villain or the hero, but I enjoyed the ride! You probably shouldn’t give key cards to top secret facilities to random strangers! 😂😂 I like how the heroes just gave up at the end. “If that’s how they want it, fine!”


    • I think Mirela is just devoted to her cause and perhaps a little bit crazy. Since neither of the heroes live in StrangerVille it probably wasn’t a good idea to get involved in their business to begin with…. that’s how I see it, but it’s open for other interpretations 😀


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