MSSSC: Boutique of Dreams

I'm writing again for Monthly SimLit Short Story Challenge by lisabeesims. For this month the theme is april fools, facades and farces. I have wanted to write about Barbara for a good while and now I brought in Salim to interview her. You may remember him from MSSSC: All My Favourite Things Are Blue.

Boutique of Dreams

Barbara: Would you like something to drink?

Salim: No thanks, I’m good.

Salim: I’m honoured to be invited to your home. Our readers will enjoy knowing more about the famous Barbara Holiday.

Barbara: You’re flattering me, I’m only a two star celebrity.

Salim: And a very successfull business woman! But now let’s start with your childhood. You come from Foundry Cove, a cosy but perhaps less wealthy neighbourhood?

Barbara: My parents Ladybird and Kain made sure we always had what we needed and a little bit extra. It was a happy childhood.

Barbara: In my youth I made some friendships that lasted for a lifetime. First with Pipari and then Sofia.

Barbara: We called our group the Blonde Zombies.

Salim: That’s a wild name. How did you decide to move to SanMyshuno?

Barbara: SanMyshuno was the place to be and meet people. My first apartment at the Fashion District was not a fancy one.

Barbara: I bought a cat to keep the mice away, but Jerry only cared about his toy mouse! I had to move to this apartment to get rid of the rodents.

Salim: You also wrote books, a whole series: Business in Willow Creek, Business in Oasis Springs, Business in Magnolia Promenade etc. Eventually you won an award. How did that feel?

Barbara: I was beyond grateful. I just wanted to share my knowledge.

Barbara: I never considered myself as a writer, not like you. Your Glowing Girl series is amazing by the way. Is she a real person that you know?

Salim: She’s pure imagination, I would remember if I had met someone that special. What about your love life? Did you meet anyone in SanMyshuno?

Barbara: I dated a few times, but my only serious relationship was with Shanaya. We were a gorgeous couple.

Barbara: Sadly it became clear we didn’t want same things.

Salim: That must have been hard. Do you ever regret not starting a family of your own?

Barbara: Not really. I was always close with my little sister Kiara and her family. Hope, Sachi and Faith were like my own children.

Barbara: I visited them ever since Hope was little and when she became a teenager she moved in with me.

Barbara: She helps a lot at my boutique and I trust her to continue my work.

Salim: Yes you also started your own business – a wedding boutique. How did that become a reality?

Barbara: It was always my dream. That’s what I had been working for, saving every simolean I earned in my career and from my books.

Salim: How do you feel now that Tartosa has claimed to be the official wedding world?

Barbara: I’m not worried of a little competition. My boutique has a good reputation and people travel from afar to try on my collection.

Salim: All this talk has made me feel thirsty. Does the offer for a drink still stand?

Barbara: Yes, of course. Shall I make you a cup of coffee?

Salim: There’s no need. Thank you for the interview.


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